Copyright Holders

In accordance with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, site does not post materials whose copyrights and related rights to which (including distribution rights) belong to other individuals or legal entities. In the event that such material was placed on the pages of the site, the rightholder has the right to apply to the administration to resolve this issue.

There are several options for resolving the issue:
1. Replace the link of an existing application with the application provided by the copyright owner. At the same time, it should represent either a cut-down copy of the full application, or a complete application, but with the presence of advertising.
2. Link to the app is replaced by a link to Google Play, Amazon Appstore or the official website of the application.
3. Remove all links to the application from the site.

To do this, the copyright holder must confirm its rights to the application posted on the site. There are several ways for this:
1. Write the site administration with an E-mail, which is listed on the official website of the application or the company that is engaged in the release of the application.
2. Write the site administration with the E-mail, which is listed in the attachment.
3. Send scanned documents to the site administration confirming the copyright of the application.
4. On the official website of the application or the company that produces the application, you must create a .txt file named 5play, and then send a link to it to the site administration.

To contact the administration of the site, please use the link feedback or direct email abuse[@], which is located in the basement of the site.

The site administration will respond within 48 hours.

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